Augusta Humpback Final Days

Augusta Humpback Final Days are fast approaching as we come to the closing stages of the northern Humpback Whale migration. A beautiful morning greeted us as the rain clouds cleared and the calm sea took a rest after many days of relentless rain and wind. Gannets foraged along the tide line as Albatross soared with the light breeze, a polar opposite of the winds they would have experienced over the last week. Our first sighting was of a tall blow just ahead and we watched on as this lone Humpback navigated towards south east rocks. A further blow just ahead indicated a second whale as a third was also sighted just off our stern as all three pods migrated with purpose towards Cape Leeuwin.

The Humpback Whale closest to us surfaced right on our stern for a closure look and seeming pleased with us continued onwards. The other two Humpback Whales were ensuring they were keeping a respectful distance of the whale closest to us but at one point the whale on our stern approached within 200 meters. During this time our lovely whale launched into a powerful tail lob and followed up with effortless inverted fluke slapping. Communicating for the third whale not to approach any closure, the message worked and all three whales continued on with their migration northbound on a beautiful morning in Augusta. The Augusta Humpback finale soon will arrive as the vast majority of the population have now made their way north and the energy of the northern migration slows. A much quicker completion for the northern migration than previous seasons as the whales ensured they made up ground early and arrived in the warmer northern waters fast.

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