Augusta Humpback Season 2022

Augusta Humpback Season 2022 begins today as we enjoyed meeting some of the first arrivals on their northbound journey. Moments after departing the Augusta Boat Harbour the distinctive fluke of a Humpback Whale appeared as a pod of two were on the move. A further two pods surfaced just ahead as we were surrounded by six happy Humpbacks who were enjoying the lovely morning conditions on their travels towards the reef line. The local Bottlenose Dolphins also joined in on the fun and seemed just as happy to see the Humpback Whales back in town as we were. The Humpback Whales twisted and rolled playfully with the dolphins to keep up with their agile movement as we all moved as one. 

It is always fantastic to see the interaction between different species and for the whales it is a great opportunity for some socialising after many months spent feasting in the waters of Antarctica. All that time spent foraging and occasionally resting doesn’t leave much time for play so the migration season is often filled with social interactions much to the enjoyment of all involved. Further pods also moved through the bay with a younger juvenile enjoying some rest time in the shallows before heading over our way for a closer look. It was a fantastic start to one of our favourite times of the year and we look forward to meeting many more wonderful Humpback Whales in the weeks ahead.

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