Augusta Humpback Whale Teamwork

Augusta Humpback Whale teamwork was in fantastic display today as escort pods worked together in communicating the Language of the Whales™. The first breaching began on the horizon as one enormous adult became two as both members of this escort pod began to breach and head lunge in unison. The white water was spectacular as the weight of two forty five tonne whales landed at the same time, a very strong message was being sent. Observing the two other pods in the nearby area, they seemed to receive the message loud and clear. The seperate pods continued to move off in opposite directions leaving the escort pod to continue their afternoon.

Further white water appeared and we watched as two Humpback Whales began to tail slap. One fluke up, one fluke down and so the pattern went as a beautiful sight was observed. Watching two Humpback whales work together in this way and their impeccable timing was just wonderful! Inverted fluke slapping and a few tail lobs for good measure sent another strong message across Flinders Bay. Looking just ahead of them we could sight another pod of two moving past and taking the advice of these two whales, “do not approach!”. One of the flukes had a distinctive, small shark bite on the leading edge of the fluke which will allow for this Humpback to be easy to recognise in future interactions. Watching as this male and female began to swim together alongside us, the male ever protectively watching over his girl and we wished them well as they continued on their journey. The local Bottlenose Dolphins came over to say hello and it is always a lot of fun catching up with these curious and fun loving cetaceans. Augusta Humpback Whale teamwork was in fine display today and we enjoyed every moment of the wonderful symmetry.

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