Augusta Humpback Whales

The morning began with high energy as a competition pod of 9 raced with high speeds and big changes of direction through Flinders Bay. The males deliberately moved each other towards the abalone farm lines as they tried to cause obstacles and slow each other down. The female continued to keep them on the run and we watched the extraordinary power of 45 ton males spinning around floats! Our Southern Heart, the beautiful yearling Southern Right named by our guests on a previous tour, seemed pleased to see us again today as we watched an amazing interaction between herself and the local Bottlenose Dolphins. Twisting, turning and lifting her fluke clear of the surface we watched this beautiful young whale interact playfully with the Dolphins including the newest, tiny member of the family who is a gorgeous Dolphin calf.

Our afternoon began with airborne whales who were resting quietly right alongside us when suddenly there was a disturbance which launched the male Humpback into the sky only a few meters away from us and we all jumped as well! The female quickly followed and we watched in complete awe as two adult Humpbacks breached so close we could hear the Language of the Whales™ and a young gentleman onboard made a very good point, it sounded like an explosion of water as 40+ tonnes landed only meters away from us. The male continued to escort the female even when she swam directly towards and underneath us to investigate. Southern Heart, Stacka and Mum were all enjoying a gentle afternoon in a very calm Flinders Bay and the silhouette of a Southern Right Whales fluke in the sunset is a very beautiful moment which we enjoyed with the company of Dolphins again.

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