Augusta Humpbacks

Augusta Humpbacks were busy today as multiple pods enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with other whales in Flinders Bay. Today we enjoyed observing many escort pods moving through the bay as the protective male escorts kept a very close eye and ear out for any bachelor males within their vicinity. Once a bachelor male was detected there was plenty of tail lobbing and head lunging which can be used in a defensive manner to warn other males to keep well clear. It is always fantastic to see the power and strength of these males as they launch themselves with ease creating huge explosions of white water. Today was also a great time for many of the curious Humpback Whales to enjoy investigating the Steep Point. Although many of the migrating Augusta Humpbacks are very busy and tend not to stay in the bay for much more than a few hours some will take the time to approach us for a closer inspection.

Often these whales do not appear to be in a rush and after a long feeding season in Antarctica they seem pleased to have the opportunity of exercising that very smart brain of theirs to investigate who is in their surroundings. Approaching us and coming in for a closer look today was a number of very friendly and curious individuals who we could see peering back our way with interest. The northern Humpback Whale migration is in full flight with hundreds of Humpback Whales moving through the bay daily and keeping the steady pace to the northern breeding and calving grounds flowing. July is fast approaching and with this time of the year comes many more mature adult whales including heavily pregnant females focused purely on reaching the Kimberley as quickly as possible before the arrival of their newborn calves. It is also a time for us to watch carefully for any sightings of calves that have been born further south this year and we will keep you updated!

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