Augusta Magic

Many yearling Humpbacks have been sighted over the last few days and even more again today with some spectacular surface behaviour sighted. Breaching, head lunging, tail slapping and peduncle slaps were seen on both our morning and afternoon departures with one young whale performing 20+ breaches! The Language of the Whales is taught onboard every one of our cruises and we are very fortunate today to have so many wonderful examples of their much loved surface behaviour.

During our afternoon tour we sighted a mother and her yearling, mum was tail slapping on her belly and also on her back which inspired her little one to try but she couldn’t get the roll over just right and ended up with her fluke swaying in the breeze which had everyone giggling onboard. This young yearling will very soon leave mum but before she does continues to practice all she has learnt over the last 12 months. A very beautiful Albatross was also sighted today and had the unfortunate event of being covered in whale spray… mmm delicious.