Augusta Primary School 2019

A pleasure and a privilege to welcome onboard the Augusta Primary School for some whale watching fun on a picture perfect day in Flinders Bay, Augusta! The sun was shining brightly and we boarded with many smiles and giggles along the way, it was exciting to welcome onboard many familiar faces and meet a few new ones too. We were off and as the clear, smooth water moved underneath our bow all eyes were looking closely for ocean treasures to be found. The first treasure was two beautiful Pacific Gulls who glided past in search of any morsels of food left on the surface, their bright colours looking fantastic in the sunshine. It wasn’t long before eagle eyed vision all around the boat had sighted another treasure, a slinky black shape up ahead.

The smooth outline of the back of a well known visitor to Augusta could be sighted, the beautiful Southern Right Whale and her gorgeous calf! The little calf is one of the younger individuals in the current nursery grounds and is estimated to be only 3-4 weeks old. The big mumma gently spun around to have a closer look at us and we watched as those hardened patches of skin known as callosities reflected the sunshine. Her curious calf wiggled next to mum and his tiny smooth fluke broke the surface and he made the appearance of a sharks dorsal fin. Journeying back towards the Augusta Boat Harbour we soaked in the magnificent day and would like to thank Principal Myles and his wonderful team for organising this special experience. It is always so inspiring for us to see the excitement of the children onboard and their enthusiasm and passion towards their backyard and the wildlife who live and visit Flinders Bay. The whales who visit Augusta can rest easy in knowing that their future caretakers have a driving passion to care and protect them, along with a great capacity to appreciate time spent with them which is very special.

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