Augusta Primary School | Season 2018

A very exciting start to our week as we welcomed onboard the Augusta Primary School and lots of smiling and happy whale guardians were ready to go out and meet their neighbours! A calm afternoon greeted us as we made our way towards the unmistakable pectoral fins of a Southern Right Whale as Stacka’s mum was once again rolling onto her back and refusing to feed Stacka any more milk after his afternoon feed. The female Southern Rights must be very careful not to overfeed their cheeky calves as they have a limited fat supply to produce enough milk during their time away from the feeding grounds located in Antarctica. All of the Augusta Primary School students onboard were fantastic whale spotters and helped keep track of the three different pods we were surrounded by.

The beautiful whale replicas onboard were great fun to show the physical differences between Southern Right Whales and other species while the Blue Whale poo onboard that has been collected from the Perth Canyon was a real treasure! Seeing the oceans version of fertiliser is a remarkable experience as we Learn the Language of the Whales™ and the importance our magnificent whales play in the role of the health of our oceans. Izzy, Maddie and Molly did a fantastic job in deciding on a special name for Stacka’s mum and we are very pleased to introduce Spirit which is the perfect name for a special mother Southern Right Whale. Always an absolute pleasure to welcome onboard the Children, parents and teachers of the Augusta Primary School and fantastic to see the spirit they all have towards protecting and caring for the whales of Western Australia.

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