Augusta Southern Right Season Begins

The Augusta Southern Right Whale Season has begun as today we enjoyed the company of mothers and their precious calves who played and rested in the shallows. A lone Humpback made an appearance this morning as he cruised towards the adult Southern Right Whale just up ahead. Seeming to notice that the whale ahead was not in fact another Humpback, he showed off a powerful peduncle slap and continued on his way. The mothers and calves were enjoying the perfect conditions and stretching out in the nursery grounds. The calves are growing fast and it is wonderful to begin getting to know each of these special pods. The local Bottlenose Dolphins were also busy foraging through the area and seemed focused on finding a delicious breakfast.

The beautiful afternoon found us watching the resting mother and calves as we watched the enormous adults sleeping incredibly close to the shoreline. Using the sound footprint to hide in, their main predators can no longer hear mother and calf which makes it near impossible to find them. A large brindle adult came over to investigate us and surfaced right alongside, watching carefully over us for a little while before continuing cruising towards the coastline. The Augusta Southern Right Whale Season is always a special time to witness these magnificent whales who we almost lost to extinction only 50-80 years ago due to intensive whaling. They are peaceful, curious and trusting whales and we are seeing regular sightings for our Southern Rights as we head into their season. Now is a perfect time to come and meet these special whales if they are on your wish list to spend some time with… and of course their adorable calves!

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