Augusta Southern Right Whales

Augusta Southern Right Whales arrive during the winter months and today we watched on as two newborns enjoyed playtime together in the nursery grounds. The patter of rain enveloped Augusta in the early morning as the calm before the incoming storm settled over Flinders Bay. Departing the Augusta Boat Harbour the rain began to clear and and it was a perfect opportunity to scan carefully for any visiting friends. A ruffling on the waters surface approached us as a mother Southern Right Whale and her new calf curiously investigated our vessel before continuing on with their morning stroll. Making their way towards the coastline a sudden movement leapt from the surf break and we smiled to see it was another very excited Southern Right Whale calf.

The little one seemed beyond pleased to see a playmate approaching and began to breach and head lunge repeatedly as both mothers and their calves met. Socialising is an important part of the growing process as these calves grow in coordination and strength during each of these social encounters. Grace launched her drone and was able to capture some incredible moments between the two little families as playtime was enjoyed. Sleepy Humpback Whales were content and snoozing in the still of the morning conditions. Milling around Augusta is a good idea when needing some rest and these Humpback Whales will be refreshed and ready to continue on soon.

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