Augusta Southern Rights

We had the special opportunity today to be amongst six Southern Right Whales who were all around us and enjoying the magnificent calm conditions. Two mother and calf pods and a pod of two adult whales kept us busy watching as they seemed to enjoy each others company. Little Colourpatch was with his mum and decided to show off a bit to the other whales by spy hopping and doing a few fancy twists and turns at the surface.

The local Bottlenose Dolphins also had us slightly embarrassed today as they mated with a female creating a rather awkward situation. It was interesting to watch some of the similarities between the competing male Dolphins and the competition pods we sighted earlier on in the season amongst our male Humpbacks. A brand new mother and her calf were also sighted today and the little one was named after the birthday girl onboard. We welcome a brand new member to our Southern Right Whale pod… welcome little Kirstie.