Augusta Whale Song Festival 2021

Augusta Whale Song Festival 2021 was celebrated today as whales and community spirit filled Flinders Bay with many laughs, smiles and good times enjoyed by all. Our day was filled with activity as on our morning, lunch and afternoon departures surface active Humpback Whales were busily moving through the bay. Today sighted dozens of pods moving through consistently as larger adults are now starting to arrive in the bay which brings an entirely different energy. The older age group means breeding age and these whales are very focused on socialising and finding a suitable mate to partner with for the long migration up the coastline. This morning we had a youngster tail lobbing over and over before launching into a few breaches for good measure. Across the bay we went and we were then accompanied on our return back towards the harbour by a beautiful black bellied whale who was breaching, tail slapping and pec slapping in the sunshine.

Our lunchtime was enjoyed with the wonderful company of all involved with this years Mini Bash to support and celebrate the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Welcoming everyone onboard with fantastic costumes and happy smiles, we made our way into Flinders Bay and were soon surrounded by competitive Humpback Whales who were charging around us as they chased each other competitively. The afternoon departure kept to the same tempo as a pod of two whales worked together in unison with one tail lob after another, defensively protecting their spot in the bay. The next half of our afternoon was spent with a spectacular female Humpback who was enormous and began to breach and pec slap in search of more male attention. She was a beautiful whale who launched repeatedly in picture perfect breaching as her huge pectorals created a beautiful thud as they landed heavily on the waters surface with each pec slap. Augusta Whale Song Festival 2021 was a wonderful day and we thank everyone who Joined The Pod this long weekend and making it a very special start to the Augusta Humpback season!

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