Augusta Whale Song Festival

A picture perfect day greeted us for the Augusta Whale Song Festival and as the blessing of the fleet started a wonderful day and it wasn’t long before we were in the company of our whales. Starting with a pod of three very social individuals who were lapping up the sunshine and enjoying each others company. Gentle pec slaps and big belly rolls as they swam with us towards the reef line and then one decided it was time to head off… no thanks to the other chasing him away! The remaining two whales continued to socialise as they played with seaweed, swam under our bow and a little bit of surface activity to complete their lovely morning stroll. The local Bottlenose Dolphins said a quick hello on our journey back to the Augusta Boat Harbour as the live music and festival fun was well underway. The afternoon was incredibly peaceful with resting whales throughout the bay and two large individuals travelling in an escort pod caught our attention. It wasn’t just us either as one of the previously sleeping whales had woken and was heading straight for them, we wondered what would happen next. The chase was on as they swished and turned, the escort male was much larger and had size on his side so appeared very relaxed about the situation. Still the younger male followed and it took a couple of peduncle lobs to keep him under control. The rumble of noisy exhalations increased as the boys flexed their muscles and it was wonderful to watch the interaction between all three whales. A beautiful day in a beautiful place as we celebrated another perfect Augusta Whale Song Festival.

A few of our favourite moments captured during todays festival, the Augusta Whale Song Festival is growing in strength from year to year. A fantastic day spent celebrating the beginning of the whale watch season, good food, good company with friends and good times. Don’t forget that if you missed out on this seasons festival it will be happening again next year. A wonderful excuse (if you need one!) to head down to Augusta for the long weekend and enjoy three days of festival fun in one of the most beautiful places in Western Australia, the whales will be waiting for you!

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