Augusta Whale Watch Season 2023 Finale

Augusta Whale Watch Season 2023 finale was enjoyed today with the company of Humpback Whales and a brand new calf as we said farewell to the northern migration for Season 2023. The number of whales moving through the bay is changing as the majority of the population is now further north in warmer waters and as the season changes and we near spring we will start to see the number of Humpback Whales returning back south increase dramatically in the coming weeks. The day was a beautiful winter days in Augusta with a mother and her calf quietly moving through the bay. Keeping a low profile is still important as there will be a few bachelor males still roaming these southern waters which the mother will try to avoid any attention from the boisterous boys to maintain a comfortable environment for her newborn.

Juveniles were also observed as they linger in wait for water temperatures to increase which indicates it is time to start making the big swim back towards Antarctica. It is a fun time for the youngsters as they fill their days with resting, socialising and curious investigations of the areas they visit in the coming weeks. Further juveniles, bachelor males and newly pregnant females will soon join them as the momentum of the southbound whales grows each day. It has been another wonderful season in Augusta and a fantastic opportunity to continue our research of the northern migration with the unique changes observed in each and every season. Whale numbers, health and energy levels were all very high and it was interesting to observe a similar number of calves born further south this year in comparison to previous seasons. Southern Right Whale numbers were slightly better this season than last and looking forward to hopefully a very big 2024 season for this endangered species. A big thank you to the wonderful community of Augusta for your continued support, we will miss you all until we see you again for Augusta Season 2024!

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