Augusta Whale Watch WA

Augusta Whale Watch WA on a winters morning in Flinders Bay as we came across two very relaxed young Humpback Whales. Seeking shelter in this unique location is a perfect way for the migrating Humpbacks to catch up on some rest and also to socialise. These two whales are what we would refer to as a breath holder pod, this is a type of pod that spends a lot of their time resting quietly together. Usually you will find that these breath holder pods are a male and a female Humpback who have joined together and are relaxing in each others company. The female may me happy with her choice of mate and the male will not want to attract the attention of any others males within the vicinity. Relaxing together and keeping a low profile, a perfect time to catch up on some rest before beginning the next stage of their journey north.

They were curious towards us and in no hurry to leave the area, consistent down time allowed us to prepare for the approximate time of resurfacing. A third whale was sighted two hundred meters away but this lone Humpback was giving the breath holder pod plenty of room and respecting their space. Three beautiful Albatross decided to wonder over and see what was happening and as they landed on the surface to rest both of the humpbacks swam towards them to investigate. A fantastic example of just how large the wingspan of these special birds are as they flew above the whales and displayed a strong 2.5 meter reach. A very relaxed morning in the bay and a change up of the activity we had been sighting pre-storm with minimal whales within Flinders Bay. However, this means that the next surge of the migration should be on its way up the coast in ensuing hours.

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