Augusta – Whale Watch Western Australia | Augusta Whale Watching

One hundred Humpback Whales were sighted today in Augusta – Whale Watch Western Australia whale watching. The energy created with so many whales traversing through Flinders Bay resulted in a great deal of communication as we observed the Language of the Whales in a very crowded bay! The males were shuffling from one pod to another as they tried to determine where their best opportunities were to compete. The juveniles and younger adults seemed to enjoy all of this extra activity and took the time to come over and investigate our vessel and everyone onboard. Constant changes of direction and regular peduncle slaps became common throughout the day as each pod tried to find their little space within a bay full of whales.

The morning also had a special encounter as our local pod of Bottlenose Dolphins socialised and played with two adult Humpback Whales. Lifting her rostrum up and out of the water she was bringing her eyes closer to water level in a behaviour known as a spy hop which is a perfect way to get a better view of what is happening around you. The afternoon was also filled with curious behaviour as our Dolphin friends were re-sighted and a pod of six whales surrounded our vessel in a close encounter as they tried to disappear from a following pod. Breaching, tail slapping a tail lobs filled the afternoon with the Language of the Whales as we watched in awe underneath another beautiful rainbow in Flinders Bay, Augusta.

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