Augusta Whale Watching 2021

Augusta Whale Watching 2021 has started with a bang as today breaching, tail lobbing and close interactions unfolded in beautiful Flinders Bay. The morning sunshine chased away any chance of rain as dozens of Humpback Whales cruised through the bay and were focused on the migration ahead. The momentum of multiple pods travelling within close proximity to each other will often result in communication amongst the pods and today breaching and tail lobbing was exchanged amongst them all. Launching skywards and landing with an almighty splash, the power and beauty of a Humpback Whale breaching never ceases to amaze. One individual during the morning really took our breath away as he launched into a massive full body breach only meters from us! 

The afternoon was busy as further pods shuffled past but it was a young juvenile who first caught our attention. A lovely young whale, this little one was very interested in us and swam directly towards our stern for a closer inspection. During this time the local Bottlenose Dolphins had moved towards us and gathered underneath our bow when a large shadow appeared directly under our feet… it was our cheeky juvenile Humpback! Happily swimming after the dolphins he soon enjoyed the company of two other Humpbacks who joined in with the interaction. A beautiful opportunity to watch these two species socialise together and also for a close and intimate encounter with the gentle giants. Escort pods continued on with protective tail lobs through the afternoon as they protectively guarded their females from curious juvenile Humpback approaches.

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