Augusta Whale Watching In August

Augusta Whale Watching in August is always a unique time as the last of the Humpback Whales have now moved north and curious individuals are now looking for ways to spend their days in Flinders Bay. Our morning was filled with a big surprise as firstly we were greeted by the local Bottlenose Dolphins before a precious Humpback Whale calf and his mum surfaced just up ahead. Breaching first captured our attention, something must have interrupted this mother and calf who had been resting. After a few breaches she had settled back down and decided to approach us with her young calf. Looking carefully we can now confirm that this young calf is the third sighting for Season 2020 and how lovely it is to meet one of the newest additions to the WA population. Mother and calf were very curious towards us as she gently escorted her calf over to us for a closer look and we smiled to see the little one looking so healthy and well.

Our afternoon was unique again as a pod of three were socialising together and on our approach they decided we looked rather interesting. They surfaced right on our stern before continuing to circle around and around as they came in for a closer look. It was beautiful to watch as they lifted their flukes gracefully above the waters surface and revealed the speckled white patterns and barnacles attached intricately. Also attracted to the movements of these curious whales were a dozen beautiful Albatross soaring high in the afternoon breeze as they would glide within meters of us, hopefully to find a small scrap of food on the waters surface. They followed the Humpbacks every move as they continued to hang out with us and towards the end of our interaction a powerful tail lob was performed and it appeared to encourage the third whale to move away a few extra meters to provide the escort pod with a little more space. Augusta whale watching in August always has many surprises, ebbs and flows unique to each and every season.

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