Augusta Whale Watching

Morning Tour

Augusta Whale Watching during June is a perfect time to meet the powerful adult Humpback Whales and see the essence of the northern migration with competitive and social displays. A beautiful morning greeted us as we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour and scanned the bay to see who had moved in to the area in the early hours of the morning. Our first interactions were with relaxed, migrating whales who seemed a little bit wary and we soon became aware as to why their behaviour was this way. There were multiple bachelor males patrolling the area and it wasn’t long before they had found a female and the competition began. Surging across the bay they would launch themselves at each other as the female quickly moved straight for us a number of times before diving underneath to try and keep the males at bay and position herself further ahead of them. It was exhilarating and incredible to be so close to the action and see the power of a competition pod and the strength of each individual whale involved.

Afternoon Tour

The afternoon was very pleasant as the sunny conditions continued and shortly after leaving the harbour our first whale was sighted. A beautiful individual with a jet black fluke and this lovely Humpback had found some friends as he trumpeted loudly with excitement. It was the local Bottlenose Dolphins who had surrounded this whale and he was busy chasing after them as best he could. The agile dolphins decided to also come over and greet us playfully and it was wonderful to see them all enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon together. Our second pod was two huge adults who were relaxing in the heart of the bay. Peaceful and at ease, they drifted alongside us and we could hear each steady exhale and the more subtle inhale as they prepared for their next dive and further snooze time. The other pods throughout the bay were also relaxed and enjoying the calm afternoon conditions, showing signs that all was well amongst the pods and no more cheeky bachelor males were patrolling the area… for now!

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