Augusta Whales

Augusta Whales are starting to fill Flinders Bay as we wave goodbye to the last day of autumn and welcome the winter season ahead. Our morning was busy with the company of a bachelor pod of cheeky male Humpback Whales who were cruising through the bay together. Relaxed and also a little playful one individual in particular enjoyed playing with the multiple clumps of seaweed that continued to appear on their travel towards the reef line. Safety in numbers and company to pass the time is always a good thing for these travelling whales who are getting ready to continue their northbound journey as they departed Flinders Bay. Further pods had gathered in the area as they too had migration on their mind as they shuffled to find the perfect pathway towards the reef line without interrupting the other pods also moving the same way.

Augusta Whales will travel consistently through the bay 24/7 and this afternoon another wave of whales had begun making their way through the bay. Our first interaction was with a very peaceful juvenile who seemed content in keeping a low profile as the youngster travelled with purpose along the coastline. A second Humpback Whale was fast asleep just ahead but soon picked up on the energy of the younger whale moving into the area as she arose from her slumber to get swimming again. A powerful tail lob warned the approaching juvenile not to approach closely which worked well in keeping the two whales apart. A further two Humpbacks were busy in the opposite corner of the bay as breaching unfolded. The breacher as we arrived was displaying some muscle and clearing out the area from another whale who was lingering close by needing to ensure the area he had chosen would remain a perfect resting spot. The local Bottlenose Dolphins popped up for a quick hello as the last autumn sunset for the year was enjoyed.

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