Augusta Whales

Augusta Whales filled Flinders Bay today and amongst the resting escort pods a bubbling of white water and breaching began as a powerful competition pod formed. Our first interaction was enjoyed with the company of males and females comfortably travelling together and three solo travellers including a yearling. The younger whale seemed interested in following the other two solo whales who were cruising towards the reef line as one of the older whales launched into a powerful tail lob. A very important part of the Language of the Whales™️ for these individuals as a tail lob can be used to warn everyone around that individual to clear out and keep a respectful distance. The need for this slightly nervous energy was clear as further ahead breaching began as multiple bachelor males began to surge forwards keeping the male escorts of the pods around us on edge. Arriving on scene we could see one male putting on a big show, breaching over and over again. 

The female was leading approximately five males on a merry chase as she challenged them to see who could keep up with the momentum. The breaching male continued showing off all the way as he closed in the distance and once he was within reach of the other males and female a big response resulted. A huge body lunge exploded from the ocean as simultaneously a second whale tail lobbed and the males reflected their frustration of a new challenger to the competition. Jostling, pushing and deep dives continued as further breaching and head lunging kept an impressive display of Humpback Whale energy flowing throughout the competition. It appeared the breaching male may have wiggled his way to the front as three males diverted away and left the remaining male all alone with the female, we had a winner! Augusta whales are always incredible to spend time with and today was another magnificent day to enjoy their wonderful company.

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