Augusta Wildlife Safari

Augusta Wildlife Safari on a beautiful winters morning as we enjoyed the company of a Southern Right Whale mother, calf and aunty, a Humpback mother and calf, Bottlenose Dolphins and cheeky Fur Seals. The mother Humpback Whale launched into a couple of huge breaches and her young calf quickly followed enthusiastically to copy mum. The reason for all the commotion was due to a second pod approaching them which much to our surprise was a mother Southern Right Whale, her calf and an aunty moving towards the Humpback Whales. The Southern Right Whales will often have what is known as an aunty accompany them, an adult whale who helps to protect the young calf. It was fascinating to watch as both species showed interest towards each other especially the Right Whales who followed the Humpback mother and calf curiously.

Eventually the mother Humpback Whale managed to make some distance on the ever curious Southern Right Whales and make her way into some protected waters closer to the coastline. The Southern Rights Whales were then on a mission as they moved quickly through Flinders Bay and covered ground efficiently. It is always a beautiful sight to see these fantastic species and unique callosity patterns on their upper and lower jaws with each bump perfectly placed. The local Bottlenose Dolphins also visited for some fun bow riding being their usual happy selves around the Whale Watch 1 with those big eyes smiling back towards us. Our final interaction on what was a wonderful Augusta wildlife safari were the local Fur Seals who all seemed extremely interested to see us as they raced towards the water level for a better look. A wonderful day to enjoy some time with the fantastic marine mammals that can be found in Augusta during the winter.

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