Augusta Wildlife Watching

Augusta wildlife watching is always filled with surprises and today we enjoyed the company of competitive Humpbacks, curious Albatross and feeding Common Dolphins in Flinders Bay, Augusta. Our morning was busy as the Humpback Highway was in full swing with many pods migrating around Cape Leeuwin and heading north. Two competition pods were underway and the first we joined with observed younger whales following each other carefully. The seabirds were also busy as Albatross, Gannets, Skua and Crested Terns dived after the plentiful baitfish. Common Dolphins surprised us today as the usually offshore species ventured into the bay to take advantage of the mornings breakfast feast. Stunning yellow tones were highlighted in the crystal clear water as they enjoyed a bit of bow riding to burn off some of that big breakfast meal!

The afternoon sighted a young Humpback cruising past the Augusta Boat Harbour, as a competition pod was brewing just up ahead. They shuffled, charged and rumbled towards the reef line as the female led them on a chase. Only the fittest, strongest and smartest males generally win these comp pods and the female will often be encouraging the competitive behaviour to see who is the most suitable mate. A very large adult was sleeping amongst the Abalone Farm and we watched as a pod of two whales quickly became three as a third individual joined. These three Humpbacks continued to swim underneath our bow and surface incredibly closely as their social time continued, a little bit of chasing unfolded as they tried to lose track of the new addition to the pod. Augusta wildlife watching is always fun and we enjoy observing the different species and unique personalities of every creature we meet on our journeys!

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