Australia Orca Tours

The incredible Australia Orca Tours are currently underway in Bremer Bay and we were once again surrounded by dozens of wild Orca on another beautiful day. The foraging began upon our arrival and as they searched for food a few curious individuals including the big male Chalky came up to say good morning! Their power and presence in the canyon is wonderful to observe as they track through areas looking for a tasty meal and work together to cover large areas of ground. Towards lunchtime they turned on their flukes and took off at high speed porpoising past our bow, the hunt was back on again. Travelling in this way for over twenty minutes we watched as they carefully followed a trail and spread in a marching formation. The hunt ended soon after with the young Orca being the first to celebrate with playful chasing amongst themselves. The muffled blow of a Sperm Whale had everyone excited as we spent a few moments with the largest toothed predator on the planet, a special way to complete a special day!

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