Australian Killer Whales (Orca)

Today we sighted three of the most elusive species who frequent the offshore coastline of Western Australia and it only happens in the Bremer Canyon! Orca, Sperm Whale and Long Finned Pilot Whales were all sighted today during an enormous morning with these world class hunters. The Orca were first to greet us and as they cruised through the canyon we could see black torpedoes charging towards them at full speed as the Long Finned Pilot Whales made a big entrance to the scene! The Orca moved away from the Pilot Whales and dispersed their line further across the canyon as the Pilots regrouped and continued their forward charge to the East.

Shortly after we could see in the distance a muffled angled blow that was coming from a very large and wrinkly body… we had a Sperm Whale! He was a beautiful individual who was replenishing his oxygen levels before going for his next feeding dive but made sure he left an impression as his enormous fluke gracefully lifted from the waters surface and the fluke waterfall began as he disappeared into the deep blue. It was only moments later that the blows of the Orca captured our attention and they raced over towards our vessel playing and surfing around our bow as we watched the apex predators race towards us and under our feet.

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