Australian Killer Whales

Australian Killer Whales are found hunting in the Bremer Canyon and today as we arrived two large females charged towards us, surfacing only a few meters away from our bow. A very exciting start to the morning when you are greeted upon arrival with the friendly faces of the Bremer Bay Orca! The morning continued with much excitement as the family regrouped and jus like yesterday began to surge west and as we followed we were escorted by the impressive young male known as B-Slice. A flash of white and black appeared on our port side and within seconds B-Slice was bow riding and porpoising right alongside us and didn’t leave our side as we continued to surge forward with the rest of the family. His speed and agility was extraordinary to watch as he would race ahead and pivot on his fluke before twisting back towards us and begin bow riding again. The rest of the pod didn’t go unnoticed as just up ahead everyone came to a sudden halt… the kill had been made and dinner was served! A few quiet moments followed as the meal was shared and a fresh oil slick appeared on the surface and once everyone took their share they were back up towards the patch again. Cheeky B-Slice and a young offsider took us by surprise as they moved towards a large Lion-Mane Jellyfish and proceeded to munch on the jellyfish almost as if they were flossing their teeth, a behaviour we have not sighted before in the canyon and an unfortunate place to be for the jellyfish at that point in time!

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