Australian Made Orca

Australian Made Orca in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean as we celebrated Australia Day 2022 with the most enchanting encounter. The winds had eased and the gentle haze of passing rain escorted us out to The Patch on this Australia Day and we waited in anticipation for who would be in the sighting grounds. Shortly after arriving a tall dorsal fin broke the surface and it was clear to see big male Giovanni swimming straight towards us to great everyone good morning. Razor and her calf Eddie zoomed over along with youngster Millie and began to socialise around our bow. Eddie in particular was like a big teddy bear today and came right up to us for bear hugs and a really good look at the GoPro.

Millie followed her older pod member over as well and we had the two youngsters stay with us in an incredibly close encounter. It was just wonderful to be eye to eye with these two beautiful Australian Made Orca in their wild home, best mates with apex predator is a true privilege. The family had a busy day of foraging as B-Slice made sure he didn’t miss out on the fun either and came over to enjoy some bow riding. The family were relaxed and playful in-between more serious foraging dives which made for a fantastic day with them. The Orca have been extremely consistent on Australia Day over the previous seasons always enjoying their time in The Patch. Our very talented family member and onboard photographer Stormy has been busy song writing and one of her favourites we have incorporated with todays video, we hope you enjoy!

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