Australian Orca Experience

Australian Orca experience on another magnificent day as our oceans apex predators had some fun on a busy travel day for the family pod. The winds had finally eased as the rain cleared overnight for a blue sky day and good conditions for our journey ahead as we made our way towards the Orca sighting grounds. Arriving in The Patch we scanned carefully for signs of life as a few scattered Shearwaters and Albatross circled over a small, older oil slick that indicated a predator had certainly been in the vicinity. The spot went to Toddy and his team today who were enjoying the company of Queen and her family pod who had settled in for a big swim. Travelling together and moving quickly the family pod was spread and as we approached little Samurai and Opal beelined the Steep Point for big greetings. Excitedly swimming towards the bow the two young calves had been given the all clear by their mums for playtime to go ahead.

No restrictions for keeping the noise down meant the youngsters leapt into breaching, tail slapping and plenty of wrestling. Playtime was combined with travel time as the family pod moved efficiently whilst the youngsters had fun as they went. Content, happy and relaxed were the family pod as they looked to be very much enjoying the journey together. Queen called her troops together as they pivoted and began to make the trip back up towards The Patch as they travelled efficiently. The youngsters were lagging so were given a quick hurry up call as they quickly accelerated and surged back up towards the family pod. It is always fantastic to observe the families ability to travel as one with perfect symmetry and communication ensuring no one gets left behind. The Australian Orca experience in Bremer Bay is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with these apex predators and be welcomed into their world. Queen and her family made a successful journey back towards The Patch where the next phase of their day began as they settled into forage mode and we wished them a successful evening of hunting ahead.

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