Australian Orca on the Hunt

Australian Orca on the hunt unfolded today in the Bremer Canyon as a surge to the west resulted in some spectacular surface activity! Our morning began with the greeting of Shearwaters on the horizon as Cookie and her calf  Oreo swam over to greet us along with the rest of their pod. Foraging through the area, it wasn’t long before a second pod arrived and we could see that B-Slice and his family were back and also enjoying a spot of foraging. Such friendly and curious behaviour from the two brothers, B-Slice and Wonks, who seemed excited to be back together after a few days keeping busy in their seperate rolls within the family pod, now was time to bond and hunt together.

They were working deep, with strong round out dives and a trajectory surfacing them back up just ahead of us. Working together everything was fairly relaxed when suddenly Cheryl swam past our bow and performed a couple of fluke slaps which ignited everyone into surface activity. Breaching, tail lobbing and fluke slapping continued all around us as every member of the pod took off west in a high speed and powerful surge. It was a thrilling experience to have the Orca surrounding us and riding in the wake of our vessel, deliberately launching themselves through the bubbles to get that spa feeling on their skin! Another magnificent day watching Australian Orca on the hunt.

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