Australian Orca

Australian Orca are not only stunning in appearance but also stunning in their ability to communicate, investigate and work together as a family team. A large dorsal fin cut through the calm conditions as a male Orca and his mum journeyed through the Bremer Canyon, scanning as they went in search of a possible breakfast. The seabirds were busy following and we could see a large aggregation forming not too far away so decided to go and investigate. Arriving we noticed little Madison the calf race over with her mates to come and say good morning along with her family members including the large female Nicki. They were on the hunt and moved steadily West as they foraged for their next meal and the birds followed, Madison seemed to be in a cheeky mood as she followed behind us and snuck up alongside a couple of times. Wishing them well we then joined with the beautiful Queen (Split Tip), Flapper and little Stormy along with the rest of the family as they cruised back towards the heart of the feeding zone. Greater movement noticed today amongst the Australian Orca pods and it was fascinating to watch the march formation as they foraged. Our morning was also made very special thanks to Pearl the female Australian Sea Lion who was having a sleep underneath the jetty and alongside our vessel!

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