Australia’s Great Southern Orca

Australia’s Great Southern Orca can be found in the waters off Bremer Bay and today we were surrounded by apex predators charging through the Southern Ocean. It was another beautiful morning and as the Shearwaters glided with precision B-Sice was on the move and racing quickly with his family pod toward an area of interest. Travelling at over twenty kilometres an hour the family was flying and covering good ground as B-Slice enjoyed some bow riding and channeled his inner dolphin. Slowing down and regrouping the family began to forage and seemed very interested in the area, were they tracking another Beaked Whale or was there something much larger hiding in the depths? Squid slicks formed at the surface as birds squabbled over scraps and we could see the deep red colouring of a prey that had come from the deep ocean below.

A muffled blow just ahead indicated that Sperm Whales had been feeding in the area as we approached with excitement to meet the worlds largest toothed predator. The powerful exhalation rumbled as the Sperm Whale peacefully replenished oxygen in preparation for the next dive. Seeming not to be worried about the nearby Orca he took his time before slowly arching and lifting his fluke high above the ocean below. One of the most incredible moments to witness in the animal kingdom as we waved goodbye knowing he would be gone for a while now. A second Sperm Whale surfaced shortly after and it seemed this slightly smaller individual was a buddy of the first larger male, the youngster seemed keen to join his friend and also lifted his fluke in another graceful dive. Giovanni and the entire family pod now began to pick up pace covering ground once more as we enjoyed these special moments with Australia’s great southern Orca.

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