Australia’s Only Blue Whale Tour

Australia’s only Blue Whale tour can be enjoyed during April and May with Whale Watch Western Australia as today we enjoyed the company of another magnificent Blue Whale feasting on krill in the Perth Canyon. It was another picture perfect morning as we departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and cruised out to enjoy what was set to be a beautiful day out on the water. It didn’t take long to reach the sighting grounds and it was great to see so many out and about enjoying the day with family and friends. The domain of the Blue Whales is always peaceful as we scanned the horizon for the distinctive blow of the worlds largest creature with Shearwaters and Albatross gliding on light winds. The hazy exhalation reached skywards as we approached the area and watched carefully for the next resurfacing as our Blue Whale fed in the depths below.

The blow erupted just off our port quarter as the big Blue surfaced and we were very excited to see it was one of the individuals we had met on yesterdays Perth Canyon Blue Whale tour. Looking very content after a big twenty-four hours of feeding this special Blue Whale was relaxed and going through the rhythm of consistent foraging dives and surface time. It is always incredible to be in the presence of these wonders of the animal kingdom and watch them go about their days. It is a fantastic opportunity to obtain further photo identification images of individuals we meet and check the catalogue to see if they have been observed before and if not then they are an exciting new addition. Monitoring the arrivals of the visiting Blue Whale population is very important to have a better understanding of who we have feeding in the Perth Canyon and how long they enjoy their time feasting on krill here.

Today we enjoyed spending more time with one of the Blue Whales we encountered yesterday and it was very interesting to observe his behaviour throughout our time with him today. Looking very happy and content we could see that this Blue Whale had been very successful over the weekend with some delicious krill enjoyed. A lovely day to be with this Blue and see just how hard they work when feeding and the importance of this feeding ground to them on they extraordinary journeys. It seemed he knew that it was going to be our last surfacing with him in the afternoon sunshine as he appeared a short distance from our bow from the depths below. Calmly swimming directly towards us we were in awe as every exhale rumbled in the calm conditions. His enormously graceful body moved perfectly and glowed that most stunning turquoise blue,  a moment we all treasure forever as we wished our beautiful Blue a wonderful journey ahead.

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