Autumn with the Bremer Orca

Autumn with the Bremer Orca is always a fascinating time of year as we transition from the hectic summer feeding season and the Orca start preparing for the cold winter months ahead. Summer is busy with squid and Beaked Whales which help the Orca to fatten up and condition themselves for the change of season which will start to bring baleen whales their way. Humpback, Minke and Blue Whales have all been confirmed as part of the Bremer Bay Orca populations diet and as the migration of these larger baleen whales begin the Orca take the opportunities when they arise. Larger prey often need more than just one family pod to complete a successful hunt so we see a lot of teamwork amongst the family pods during Autumn with the Bremer Orca.

A magnificent male Sperm Whale surfaced as the distinctive angled blow could be sighted. He was relaxed and easy going, ever so calmly replenishing oxygen reserves. Preparing for the next dive he gracefully lifted his fluke and off he went back down to the depths below in search of his next serving of calamari. The excitement continued to grow as Orca surfaced and we were thrilled to be amongst Alki and her family who were relaxed, social and curious. Allowing us to Join The Pod they managed to successfully secure a small squid as an oil slick formed on the surface and with bellies now containing some food they went into relax mode. Swimming right alongside us they were peaceful and a joy to be this close with an apex predator. The calm and peaceful Autumn weather pattern continues which is caring some marvellous days to be out on the water and enjoying this beautiful part of the world with the Orca of Bremer Bay.

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