Awesome Orca

Awesome Orca on a sensational day as surface activity erupted and a brand new calf was sighted, the newest member of the Bremer Bay awesome Orca population! A stunning morning escorted us all the way towards The Patch as the calm conditions enabled fantastic visibility which gave us a fleeting sighting of an enormous adult Hammerhead Shark patrolling the surface. A large oil slick had settled and was still fresh as the distinctive scent of squid hovered around us. The Orca seemed very pleased with themselves, they had recently completed a good hunt which resulted in a decent meal of squid. Recognising two family pods (Cheryl’s and Toddy’s) it was exciting to count 30+ individuals who were now all starting to relax into a very playful mood. A beautiful female began to approach and a tiny new calf popped up right alongside her, vibrant blood orange eye patches giving away the young age of this brand new calf. Excitedly swimming alongside mum, it was brilliant to see a new member of this special population already thriving.

Eddie, Millie and four other calves now joined for playtime as two older females kept a close eye on proceedings, acting like unofficial referees. The calves were having an absolute ball as they raced after each other, spy hopping and breaching before charging back towards the bow for a closer look at everyone onboard. The day was about to increase in excitement again as after over ninety minutes of playtime the adults signalled it was time to keep moving. Cheryl tail slapped just ahead which sent through a ripple affect to all the 30+ Orca who began to breach, tail slap, head lunge and tail lob repeatedly. Enormous male B-Slice took our breath away as only meters from the bow he launched into an incredible full body breach! Extraordinary to witness and it must have inspired Eddie as he also launched into a full body breach… his landed a little more awkwardly though, a few more years of practice ahead for this cutie. A superb day as we celebrated with champagne, beer and wine on the stunning cruise back reflecting on the truely awesome Orca of Bremer Bay.

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