B-Slice You Beauty!

B-Slice you beauty! Launching into full body breaching magnificent male B-Slice stole the show as we spent an exciting day with the Orca. Our first interaction was with Blade and his family pod who were cruising The Patch and making close approaches as the youngest members of the family zoomed past our bow. Blade and the elders moved off and into foraging mode as Wobbles, Cubs and Cubby spent the morning playing around and underneath us with much interest and curiosity. Wobbles was on babysitting duties and seemed to enjoy the interaction with us almost as much as her calves were. The family did eventually regroup and that was when Giovanni and his side of the family arrived on scene and quickly moved in on our bow.

It was a relaxing afternoon as they continued to circle the area in search of lunch and their foraging circle became smaller and smaller as our interaction continued. Eventually we could see the other half of the family barrelling towards us as B-Slice seemed to be in a rather playful mood, racing towards our midships at pace like a torpedo. His energy never dropped as he began to surge and younger calf Dart followed closely when he spun and moved in straight towards us at pace. Launching completely airborne through the swell it was an AFL, “Jesaulenko you beauty”moment as B-Slice cleared the Southern Ocean with ease and was momentarily flying. The breaching continued from both B-Slice and Dart as they surged to the west while launching through the swell. The most spectacular way to end another incredible day with the Orca of Bremer Bay and we were all singing , “B-Slice you Beaty!’ on the way back home.

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