Baby Humpback Re-sighted

It was another happy morning out on Flinders Bay today which became even happier when we discovered our baby Humpback again! As usual he was keeping very quite so it wasn’t until 10 minutes after we had spent some time with this pod that we sighted him safe in mums shadow as usual. He is looking much bigger now and they still have the same male escort with them who is doing a very good job of protecting the beautiful family.

Only a quick image captured as we don’t wish to disturb this pod even though they are always very relaxed, when a calf is this young it is an incredibly vulnerable time for him. Looking carefully you might notice that his dorsal fin is starting to stand up straight now and although still tiny in comparison to his mum he has certainly put on some weight since we last sighted him on the 30.6.16.

A few large competition pods in the bay today with one such group of active males racing around our vessel and showing off their incredible size and strength. Juveniles and pods of male/female Humpbacks were also enjoying the lovely weather today and most seemed to be relaxing and having a bit of a rest.
Whale Watch Western Australia
Whale Watch Western Australia

ID Log
Date – 5.7.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 20. 42 Long – 115 . 13 . 92
Notes – Large male in competition pod, distinctive scarring on left flank/dorsal