Baby Whales Off Fremantle

The baby Humpback Whales have started to arrive in big numbers and the waters off Fremantle are fast becoming a playground for these enthusiastic calves. When we have a number of mother and calves around we often will have the opportunity to sight surface activity as they communicate to each other and today was peduncle slap day. Pivoting their head down and throwing tail fluke and peduncle muscle skyward these calves are already creating an almighty splash.

This surface activity can easily be heard from other pods close by and females will often encourage their calves to practice the Language of the Whales by talking to each other. Although Humpback Whales do not live in permanent family groups or pods it is very common for them to rest and play close to where the others pods are, they are very social after all and there is always safety in numbers. We also wish Geoffrey a very Happy Birthday for today.

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