Babysitting Bremer Bay Orca

Today we were left with a big responsibility, babysitting Bremer Bay Orca calves! Arriving in the canyon we sighted Noosa and young male Urkel who were travelling under an enormous moving cloud of Shearwaters, Storm Petrels, Albatross and Australasian Gannets. Shortly after three young calves including Madison approached us along with their mums and enjoyed a little bit of curious looking before continuing on with their morning, but the mums had decided to leave us with the little ones for the day. Throughout the morning we were busily kept watching these three little munchkins play, socialise and practice hunting tactics all within a few meters of our bow. The females would return every so often to check up on the calves, provide a quick feed of milk and then return back to their foraging. Madison had excitedly found something that at first appeared to be squid but upon closer examination we could see was in fact a jellyfish that had very quickly become shredded as the three calves enjoyed a game amongst the floating jelly, fantastic to see those hunting behaviours already kicking in! A true pleasure to be in the company of three beautiful baby Bremer Bay Orca and we are more than happy to babysit, they are a pleasure!

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