Barrel Role Breaching Humpback

Morning Tour

Barrel Role Breaching Humpback in the spectacular afternoon sunshine today amongst the bachelor pods while our morning was spent with migrating whales including a heavily pregnant, tail lobbing female. A slight drizzle came and went as the Humpback Whales moved through Flinders Bay efficiently. Our first pod to spend time with was two large adults relaxing and after a few big exhales they both dived with one lifting that beautiful fluke high. Our next pod was a heavily pregnant female who was completely focused on heading north as she made her way from one side of the bay to the other efficiently.

Two other pods began to close in so she launched into a couple of powerful tail lobs which kept the curious whales away and allowed her to keep on travelling. A bachelor male was our next friend to meet as he cruised through the bay searching for a female while honing in on the areas of the bay of interest. Our final morning pod was two beautiful adults pushing towards the reef line as they swam side by side ready for their migration ahead.

Afternoon Tour

The afternoon sunshine warmed the bay and we could see multiple pods similar to this morning moving through the sightings grounds. Approaching a couple of pods who were converging we were approached by the most beautiful pod of Common Dolphins. Excited and leaping for joy they raced over and we could see the nearby schools of baitfish, no wonder these dolphins had so much energy. The Humpback Whales also had some energy of their own as two separate pods of bachelor males formed, one of three and another of six. Hanging out with the dolphins for a while it was very social before a juvenile launched into enormous head lunging and the most spectacular full body barrel role breaching. The boys were having a great time in the lovely afternoon conditions and all slowly made their way towards the reef line as they too were ready to continue the northbound part of their journey today.

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