Beaked Whale Taken by Bremer Bay Orca

Beaked Whale taken by Bremer Bay Orca on the first day of Season 2021. The first tour for Bremer Bay Orca Season 2021 unfolded today onboard Whale Watch Western Australia. It was wonderful to depart the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour and anticipate the moment of arriving in The Patch and seeing our Orca family. A perfect way to start the New Year and shortly after arriving we were greeted by Flapper and her calf Stormy who raced towards our bow excitedly! They were focused and we could see Matriarch Noosa also traversing the perimeter of the hunting grounds, she appeared to be patiently and quietly waiting. Charging towards us we could see big male Urkle and this was what Noosa had been waiting for as the hunt began. Queen (aka Split Tip) and her family pod were charging into The Patch and they had surrounded a Grey’s Beaked Whale.

The hunt was extremely efficient and shortly after the Beaked Whale surfacing a slick began to appear as Flapper tail slapped to call in the others and with both pods joining we now had 15+ Orca surrounding us. Queen surprised everyone as she lifted a large white/pink object above the waters surface before flipping it back over again. She now lifted the skin and dorsal fin of the Beaked Whale above the waters surface, carefully balanced across her rostrum for all to see. The entire family now approached the bow as they began to share food right beside and in front of us. It was a privilege to witness such a significant event on only the fist day of the season and observe the interaction as the pod members shared every little bit of their meal. A Wandering Albatross was another highlight for the day as he accompanied us throughout the morning.

The final surprise was the smallest of today’s gifts, a brand new Orca calf! Tiny and approximately two months old we could observe the newest member of Queens pod and were so proud to see her family growing. Nicknamed Stevie for now, we will observe this little one throughout the season ahead and keep you updated on his/her progress.

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