Best Bremer Bay Orca Experience

Phenomenal day with the Orca as today really was one of the best Bremer Bay Orca Experience as we arrived in the canyon to triple breaching Orca just off our bow! Swirl and her family had launched into an extraordinary display of surface activity including breaching, tail lobbing and fluke slapping as the word was sent out to the other pods in the area. Moments later breaching Orca could be sighted all around as The Language of the Whales™ was in full display and incredibly exciting. Surging west a large male known as Koomba joined the others and we watched on as white water was flying with black and white flashes of speeding Orca. Approaching from our stern the females and calves began to bow ride and continued to breach and tail lob around us, moving like torpedoes we watched on as they gracefully zipped through the water in pristine style. Communication is important amongst Orca and surface activity is a fantastic means of individuals making contact with others and a magnificent display of their power and finesse, launching themselves completely airborne within the blink of an eye to reveal the entire body of a wild Orca… best Bremer Canyon Orca Experience today and we enjoyed every moment!

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