Best Fremantle Whale Watch Tours

Best Fremantle Whale Watch Tours can be enjoyed with Whale Watch Western Australia as we observe the peak of the southbound Humpback Whale migration as mothers and calves take over the coastline. It was a superb morning with barely a whisper of wind and a big blue sky which stretched out over the sighting grounds. Soon after departing Sardine Jetty in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour we found our first pod for the morning. A very relaxed mother and calf were slowly swimming south and not in a hurry as they made their way into a nice quiet area away from the growing crowds. Multiple pods had started to converge and just about everywhere we looked a lofty exhale or jet black round out dive could be observed in the slinky conditions. Due to the strong winds and swell a few days earlier we are still seeing much seaweed floating about which makes the perfect toy for not only the calves but also the adults whales as well.

Twisting and rolling in the seaweed we could see the whales making the most of this seaweed facial opportunity. A pod further behind us launched into big breaching, head lunging and pec slapping as both mother and calf worked together. The mother whale eventually let her calf do all the talking as the youngster revelled in the opportunity to practice some breaching and head lunging. It was spectacular to observe and after a good amount of practice both mother and calf settled in for a good rest after all that energy burn. Our final pods for a busy morning was a mother, calf and male escort who joined briefly with a mother and calf as the two pods interacted. A great opportunity for the little ones to learn how to interact with a new whale they meet for the first time and a wonderful opportunity to see so many Humpback Whales travelling together. A beautiful day enjoying the company of so many happy Humpbacks and we look forward to spending more days with the whales in the weeks ahead.

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