Best Fremantle Whale Watching

Best Fremantle Whale Watching was enjoyed today as the most beautiful juvenile Humpback Whale was completely besotted with us and came in for plenty of belly hugs! It is a wonderful time of the year to meet these young whales who are curious and love to investigate all that is happening around them on their journey back south. Today was such an occasion as the youngster came over with much interest and would circle around and underneath the Steep Point repeatedly. The ocean was perfectly calm this morning and with the clarity we could see straight through to our new friend as he looked back our way with eyes wide open. 

Vision in these conditions for our Humpback Whales is very good and they can see clearly all around them including all of our Pod Members onboard. He was extremely interested and would continue to roll over so he could look at everyone with his eye clear of the ocean. To look into a Humpback Whales eyes is a very special moment as you can see their character and personality shining through. The young male was just beautiful and such a fun personality to spend some time with today. A few scars and scratches could be seen as these youngsters continue to grow and mature in these first few years of life with plenty of lessons to be learnt along the way. ID images were easy to capture of this lovely whale thanks to all of his rolling and twisting which caused his fluke to lift high. A wonderful morning enjoying some of the best Fremantle whale watching and meeting a new best friend who we hope to see again in future migrations.

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