Best Month to Go Whale Watching

Best month to go Whale Watching in Perth to see the Humpback Whale migration is September to November. During this time of the year thousands of Humpback Whales are making their way south towards their summer feeding grounds in Antarctica. The importance of resting along the way on this long journey is important and today we watched on as a lovely pod of three curious Humpback Whales swam over to say good morning. The youngest of the three approached first and took some time to check us out, looking carefully before diving directly underneath our bow. 

The fun continued as these three would return to our bow and swim alongside us with much intense curiosity. The best month to go whale watching is always dependent on the migration of the whales and every year is slightly different as the whales adjust with the different water temperatures and weather patterns unique to each season. The first Humpbacks to head south often have some time on their hands as each patiently wait for when they are ready to make that trip through the Southern Ocean and into the feeding extravaganza of summer in Antarctica. A beautiful morning with the whales as they stretched out and enjoyed time in the resting grounds.

WWWA – Cetus

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