Best Place to go Whale Watching in Australia

Augusta is the best place to go whale watching in Australia during the winter time and today was a perfect example why. The word had spread in town that a Southern Right Whale had been sighted and as we made our way out of the Augusta Boat Harbour there she was! Only a few meters away from the harbour wall and frolicking in the shallows we were so very excited to see our first Southern Right Whale for season 2018. A superstar arrival like this in Flinders Bay does not go unnoticed and along the Augusta Boat Harbour wall we could see a crowd gathering to see this beautiful whale, we were all joining in the celebration to be seeing the first of many magnificent Right Whales to arrive.

Gently leaving our new Southern Right Whale friend to continue her afternoon of exploring we made our way out into Flinders Bay to discover our Humpback Whales. A few moments after turning around we could see the unmistakable arch of a Humpback Whales back break the surface and we introduced ourselves to the pods of two and three that were migrating through and preparing for the next step on their journey towards the northern breeding grounds. Distant blows on during the lovely afternoon caught our attention and as we made our approach a large female Humpback surfaced with two male escorts, one mature and very large male along with a slightly younger individual.

Encouraging their attention she twisted and rolled before making her way towards our vessel. We sat in awe as the gentle rain fell around three enormous Humpback Whales who were all showing a great interest towards us. The female was especially curious, coming up right alongside and sitting there looking back up at us. Having the opportunity to see two unique whale species on the same afternoon in sheltered, calm waters of Flinders Bay is one of many reasons why Augusta is the best place to go whale watching in Australia during the winter time!

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