Best Whale Watching in Fremantle

Best whale watching in Fremantle was superb today with incredible whales and weather during both our morning and afternoon departures. A warm easterly greeted us along with the inevitable butterflies who get swept up in the warm breeze from the land and find themselves enjoying a day by the seaside. The whales were moving through the sighting grounds in big numbers again today as further bachelor males added extra excitement amongst the pods. The first pods were social mothers and calves with spectacular breaching, head lunging and pec slapping as they communicated the Language of the Whales perfectly. It unfolded for well over an hour before things settled and we could soon see why as multiple blows a short distance away caught our attention. A competition pod had arrived and the boys were busily chasing after the female as she led them on a very fast paced chase through the sighting grounds. 

The pod of twelve whales rumbled on as we wished them well and could see that it was unlikely the competition was going to slow anytime soon. The afternoon conditions were just as lovely with humidity in the air and yet another competition pod in the sighting grounds. Firstly though it was the relaxed mothers and calves whom we spent some time with as they settled in to the resting grounds and kept a low profile in knowing that bachelor males were still moving through the area. The boys were already busy though as two competition pods unfolded this afternoon. The first was only a smaller pod with two boys challenging each other as the female was relaxed and kept them travelling at a steady pace. The second competition pod was much larger as fifteen males challenged each other and the female flirted away with wonderful pec slapping all around the Steep Point. It was a perfect way to complete a day enjoying the best whale watching in Fremantle with all of our Pod Members onboard.

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