Best Whale Watching in Western Australia

The best whale watching in Western Australia was in perfect demonstration today as Flinders Bay and her visiting Humpbacks showed us the sensational Language of the Whales™! The morning was busy as we began our first interaction within moments of departing the Augusta Boat Harbour with a very relaxed juvenile. Leaving him to continue his Sunday morning sleep in we approached a pod of three young adults who were being rather proactive in their chasing across the bay. A young male had approached the two and it didn’t appear that they really wanted his company so tried to allow for some speed to make their new “tail” disappear. Approaching the abalone farm it seemed to work as a good distraction and it wasn’t long before three became two once again and they all settled back into the migration movement. Large adults surged past and we smiled to see the alliance pod of male Bottlenose Dolphins back in the bay again and causing havoc with the Humpbacks.

Racing around them at full speed the six or so Humpbacks seemed slightly confused as to which way was best to go, should they follow the other Humpbacks or hang out with the dolphins? Some went left and a few went right as the Bottlenose Dolphins spent a bit of time with us zooming around the bow and stern. Some of the best whale watching in Western Australia can be found in Augusta during this time of year as the enormous male Humpbacks display in incredible fashion their strength and today we witnessed the perfect example. Two mature males launched into a full surface active display of breaching, head lunging and unified pec slapping with perfect timing. Continuing to breach towards our vessel we could sight a very unique marking on the pectoral fin of one individual that looked exactly like a lighting strike. Very cool indeed and it wasn’t long before they had attracted the attention of another large individual and began to socialise together. Forming a bachelor pod they were now ready to find a lovely lady to impress.

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