After a very quiet start to the morning we met two juvenile Humpback whales who had teamed up as pod of two for better protection and company until a few more Humpbacks arrive in Geographe Bay. They were both very curious and popped up right on our bow to say hello to everyone and check things out. They will be waiting on the arrival of more Humpbacks before continuing their journey south to the Antarctic feeding grounds.

Although this friendship won’t last forever younger Humpbacks will often seek out company and protection from another juvenile of a similar age and size while on their migration path. They could spend the next few hours or days together hanging out until they are ready to leave the protection of Geographe Bay and begin the journey south once again.

Really lovely to see these two close up and notice all of the usual markings and scars found on juvenile whale as like all teenagers there is a bit more rough and tumble as they continue to grow and find their place amongst the older Humpbacks and general business of life in the open ocean! A mother and calf Bottlenose Dolphin also greeted us on our departure and arrival back at the marina and seemed to be enjoying a Sunday filled with plenty of sunshine☀️

ID Log
Date – 11.9.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 33 . 31. 54 Long – 115 . 14 . 05
Notes – Two young juveniles, very curious towards vessel, ID of smaller individual