Black Beauty

We met Black Beauty today! A large female Humpback who was completely black (hence her nickname Black Beauty) decided it was time to look for a handsome male Humpback and began her flirtatious behaviour. Over thirty breaches, fifteen pec slaps and two head lunges later she had attracted the attention of three large males who raced to meet her as she breached across Flinders Bay. One of the males who joined Black Beauty was almost completely white except for a small amount of grey along his dorsal fin.

The incredible Language of the Whales was on full display today as Black Beaty caused other pods around her to respond with breaching, peduncle slaps and tail slapping and it was hard to know where to look at times! Our afternoon experience was magic out on Flinders Bay as the weather calmed even further with glassy conditions and very relaxed Humpbacks. Two Whales decided to gently play close to our bow for a little while before a pod of Common Dolphins including the most adorable calf came over to say hello to everyone. Large groups of baitfish kept the Crested Terns, Australasian Gannets and Albatross busy while we enjoyed watching them dive and chase the little silvery fish as they danced at the surface.