Blue and Humpback Whale Farewell

It was a Blue and Humpback Whale farewell today as we celebrated the last tour for Season 2020 and were completely elated to meet a young Blue Whale. Looking carefully through the sighting grounds we could feel the energy has certainly changed, no longer the intense shuffle of pods moving through on a continuous 24/7 migration path. Instead we have the peaceful and calm feeling of fewer whales around and a change of season yet again as the ocean around has an empty feel. Though life could still be felt close by today and the call went out to our starboard side as a Humpback Whale exhaled and the stocky, strong arch of the peduncle broke the surface. Watching carefully for the next resurfacing we were in for a big surprise, up went the blow and out went the gasp as the slinky back of a Blue Whale broke the surface! It appeared a replica of a similar interaction earlier this season when a mother Humpback Whale and her calf were being followed by a curious Blue Whale as they navigated through the waters off Rottnest Island.

Today unfolded very much the same as this beautiful juvenile Blue cruised alongside us and it all clicked as we noticed the Humpback pod move away as the Blue Whale followed in behind them. Sometimes the Blues will get a little bit caught up in the Humpback Whale migration and follow along before arriving in resting grounds, suitable for the Humpbacks but not ideal for the faster migration of a travelling Blue. A gorgeous individual who was very curious towards us and happy to cruise alongside as we pushed towards Rottnest Island. Our Humpback Whales took the opportunity to disappear and move further away from this Blue Whale, who knows how long he had been following them for. The local Bottlenose Dolphins greeted us on our arrival back to the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and what a special way to complete such a unique season as our special Dolphins, Blue and Humpback Whale farewell made for a fitting end to a wonderful season.

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